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Silk Suspenders, Garters, and Stays

The classic way to keep one’s trousers hanging properly in style

Hardware finish
Custom suspenders can be made with your choice of gold or silver finish fittings
Our standard men’s, one-size-fits-most finished size is 46”. Not a one-size-fits-most kinda guy? No Problem. Our standard extra-long is 54”. If you require or prefer a higher degree of customization – we would be happy to tailor your suspenders to your specifications. We also make suspenders for children and women.

If you have a treasured pair of suspenders which has developed a defect in the trim, back elastic or adjusters, we can deconstruct the item, replace the faulty components and remake the suspender.
Sock garters
A pair of adjustable elastic straps that wrap around the calf of the leg and attach to one’s socks to keep them from sagging or falling down
There are 2 basic constructions of sock garters for men
Shirt Stays or Shirt Garters
An adjustable elastic strap that is secured on to one’s shirt to keep it from blousing out

There are 3 constructions of shirt stays
One end attaches to one’s sock and the other to the tail of one’s shirt. It helps to both keeps one’s socks up and one’s shirt in. Some use only 2 straps in front. Some use 4 straps, 2 in front and 2 in back.
3-way, “Y” construction
”I” portion attached to one’s sock and “V” portion secures to the tail of one’s shirt, one end in front, the other in back
Stirrup Construction
The loop at the bottom wraps around one’s foot. The “V” at the top attaches to the front and back of one’s shirt. This construction helps one’s shirt only. It does not keep one’s sock’s up.